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About Nepalgunj

Nepalgunj is the headquaters of Banke District, which is around 520 km from Kathmandu (the nation\'s capital). Banke District is the main central point of the Mid-Western Region. Nepalgunj airport is a key air service facilities center for most of the inaccessible districts of Mid and Far -Western region.

Major ethnic groups in Nepalgunj are Muslim, Tharu, Yadav and Ahir. Awadhi, Nepali and Tharu are the major languages. It is the main business spot of Western Nepal. Urbanization has increased. In the meantime, because of the current political insurgency, there many internally displaced people have migrated from hilly areas. We can see a diversity of people in Nepalgunj and the population is continuously increasing. Besides this, we can find an increasing trend of sex work as well in Nepalgunj. These situations have consequences in the various areas like health and education, especially to girls.

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