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About Rasuwa

NCEF is happy to have Rasuwa, Bagmati as an area of focus in the continuing effort to provide educational opportunity for socio-economically disadvantaged children in Nepal. This area will be spearheaded by area coordinator Mr. Phurpu G. Tamang.

Mr. Tamang will focus particularly in Chilime-2, Rasuwa because of high illiteracy among young children and the almost absence of attendance amongst secondary level students. Around 40% of the children above 6 do not go to school while only 5% of the children go on to pass the formal education requirement (SLC). Socio-economic and geographical factor play a huge role in explaining the dismal statistics mentioned above. Most of the residents of Chilime-2, Rasuwa belong to the marginalized groups of Tamang and Ghale ethnicity. The sole income for virtually all of these inhabitants is farming which in most cases is not enough to send their children to school. Also, geographically Rasuwa is a very rural mountainous district and the Village Development Center(VDC) of Chilime-2 is an isolated place with little over 2500 inhabitants. From Chilime-2, the nearest roads, telephones, school and post office are a more than an hour’s walking distance. Most of the inhabitants are illiterate so the role of education is very minimal in their agricultural life style and therefore children are discouraged to attend school. According to Mr. Tamang’s assessment, to send one child to the nearest public school only requires $50/year (includes books, uniform, and stationary), and only $100/year for private school.

Mr. Tamang has demonstrated empathy and resolve in turning around the lives of children in this area.NCEF is also committed to assisting Mr. Tamang’s goals and the children of Chilime-2, Rasuwa attain a brighter future with the power of education and literacy.


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