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The Nepalese Children's Education Fund (NCEF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop the potential of disadvantaged Nepalese children through education. NCEF identifies children who need help that their families are unable to provide. They are placed in school and provided with textbooks and supplies. Our social workers in Nepal meet regularly with the children and their parents to assist in the development of the child. We dedicate our resources to each child until they complete high school (grade 12)

Our organization NCEF is trying to do its small parts by providing these impoverished children with an assurance that their education will not jeopardize their family’s survival. We provide assistance with their school fees and supplies, so that the students can provide their full attention to their education. We not only provide financial support but we are committed to that student’s future. Our dedicated volunteers in Nepal constantly monitor the students and their needs while fostering a trusting and supporting relationship with the families. Our organization understands that, like the history of Nepal, its people must overcome tremendous difficulties in their lives to march ahead step by step, and our goal is to make that difficult path as painless to traverse as possible. Our goal is not to bring dramatic change to Nepal’s education system, but to provide those who desire to move forward with a vehicle in their journey. Even if one child succeeds in finishing his/her higher education, we will have changed the course of that family’s future. This one child will undoubtedly bring enormous change to the family’s understanding of the world and provide them with tools and determination to create a better society and consequently a healthier nation.

We are a solely volunteer based organization with the goal and determination to assist Nepalese families in their children’s future. To our benefactors and those who support this organization, we remain financially transparent because the trust we develop with students and family is as important as the relationship we foster with our patrons. We try as much as possible to bring the stories of the children we are helping to our sponsors so that there is commitment from this organization and its supporters as a community to the success of each and every child. As more and more capable youth leave Nepal for a better opportunity, the threat to Nepal’s future seems uncertain, and it must rapidly provide a market for its youth for its survival. Educating its youth is the first step Nepal must take, and for this struggling democracy, it is easier said than done. NCEF tries to provide a concentrated but effective effort in educating these youth, even if it means succeeding with just handful children. With your support we can provide opportunity for even greater number of children. Like the young democracy, Nepal’s youth are struggling to find their place in their world. In a world of rapid advancement, let us try to provide a rope to rescue these children from being abandoned and forgotten.

Let us provide these children with hope and determination to rise up from their extreme poverty; let us equip a nation, bordered by sky reaching mountains, the arms and leg to stand above its shadows; let us provide power to a society under the grips of illiteracy to light their own bulbs; let us as a community reach out to these children, their families and this struggling nation with optimism and charity.

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