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Children in Kavre

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Age: 10 years
Grade: 3
School: Neel Gagan English School,
Kavre, Nepal

Sarada's mother supports a disabled husband and six children on a tiny income. Sarada, a bright and hard-working girl, has attended school on an NCEF scholarship since 2004. The school has promised to provide free education to Sarada's younger sibling. Her NCEF scholarship will thus enable both Sarada and her younger sibling to gain an education.

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Age:15 years
Grade: 8
School: Shree Ganga Devi Secondary School,
Kavre, Nepal

Shyam's parents are both farmers. Since the family consumes most of what they harvest, Shyam's parents have no disposable income to pay for their three children's education. His NCEF scholarship enables Shyam to go to school despite his family's economic hardship. This is Shyam's second year of NCEF support, and his social worker reports that he is now one of the top students in his class.

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Age: 14 years
Grade: 7
School: Shree Ganga Devi Secondary School,
Kavre, Nepal

Sunita lives in Kavre with her parents, four sisters, and one brother. After Sunita completed fifth grade, her father planned to withdraw her from school because he could not afford to support six children through school. Sunita received her first NCEF scholarship in 2004. With NCEF's support, Sunita will stay in school and complete her education.

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