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Children in Dolakha

Total sponsored students: 7
Male: 1
Female: 6
Grades: 4-7
Area Co-ordinator: Mr. Tenzing Lama

Gender: Female
Age: 9 years
Grade: 6
School: Shree Kutidanda Nadhyamik Vidhyalaya
Makaibaari, Dolakha

Binita’s father died when she was a little girl. She is now supported by her speech-impaired mother who does manual work to bring in a meager amount of income. Binita is continuously progressing in her studies, but won’t be able to continue her education without NCEF’s help.

Gender: Male
Age: 13 years
Grade: 9
School: Kalinchok Higher Sec. School
Bhimeshwor, Charikot, Dolakha

Ghyasang’s parents are both farmers, and rely on their minimal income to take care of a family of eight. Ghyasang is a very hard working student, and walks an hour everyday to get to school. He excels in his studies, and will be able to get even further education with the help of NCEF.

Gender: Female
Age: 5 years
Grade: 2
School: Shree Kutidanda Higher Secondary School
Makaibari, Dolakha

Pushpa’s mother eloped after her father had a terrible accident. Pushpa now is solely dependent on her handicapped father who makes his living through farming. Pushpa had been able to attend school last year with the help of NCEF, and she showed tremendous amount of potential which led a promotion to her grade. With the help of NCEF, she can continue to stay and do well in school.

Gender: Female
Age: 13 years
Grade: 7
School: Shree Ka. U. Ma. Bidhyalaya
Pakhatol, Dolakha

Ruku lives with her mother and four sisters after her father’s death. Her mother works as a laborer and brings in barely enough money to fulfill the family’s daily necessities. Ruku and her future is a big hope for her family, and with NCEF’s support, Ruku’s and her family’s bright future will be secured.

Gender: Feale
Age: 6 years
Grade: UKG
School: Gauri Shankar Education Foundation Bhimeshwor, Charikot, Dolakha

Sanju’s father is the sole bread earner for the family, and barely brings in enough income to support a family of five. Sanju is a top student in her class, and continues to work very hard in her studies. She won’t be able to continue her education without the help of NCEF, and seeing her possible bright future, NCEF’s help is critical.

Gender: Female
Age: 10 years
Grade: 3
School: Kalinchoke Higher Secondary School, Charikot, Dolakha

Sunita lives with her parents and two siblings, all of whom are illiterate. Her parents work as laborers and can’t afford to send their children to school. Sunita had been able to school for the first time year with the NCEF for which her family is very appreciative. And, they hope that this help will continue so that Sunita can complete her studies.

Gender: Female
Age: 8 years
Grade: 2
School: Shree Kutidanda Higher Secondary School Makaibaari, Dolakha

Swastika’s mother eloped after her father’s death, so she’s now under the care of her grandmother. Her grandmother has a very hard time making ends meet, and can’t afford to send her granddaughter to school. Swastika has so far been attending school with NCEF’s help and is doing very well, and she can further her education with continued support.

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