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Children in Lamatar

Total sponsored students: 2
Male: 1
Female: 1
Grades: 4-7
Area Co-ordinator: Mr. Manoj Ghimire
Age: 18 years
Grade: 11
School: MahaLaxmi Higher Secondary School
Lamatar, Nepal

Mimisa comes from a very low income family in Lubhoo-8, Sankhadevi, Lamatar about 30 minutes walk from her her school. She is a very hard working student who stands above average in her class. Her father is a farmer who can barely meet the everyday basics of the family, and her mother is a house wife. Mimisa looks forward to completing her last year in school year so she can pursue a college degree.

Age: 15 years
Gender: Female
Grade: 10
School: Mahendragram Lower Secondary School

She has been getting financial assistance from school for her education. She has two elder sisters who have not been able to complete their primary education and are working to earn the living of their family. Her father has completed primary level education while her mother is illiterate. Her parents do not have any job to earn their living. Sometimes, they get financial help from their uncle (motherís brother).

According to our area coordinator, she is very smart at studies. She belongs to a dalit family and the health condition of her parents is not good. Her father had to give up the family business due to his poor health. Due to the poor economic condition, her teachers helped her by buying a school dress. Mimisa, however wants to study and ranks among the top 5 percentile in her class. With NCEF’s help she will be able accomplish something that both her sisters were not able to do; complete her high school education.

Age: 17 years
Grade: 10
School: Shree Bishwamitra Secondary School
Lamatar, Nepal

Rakesh Nepali lives in Lubhoo-8, Jyamirkot, Lalitpur. He is a very hard working and well-above average student. Rakesh's father died last year, and his mother is raising the family of three which includes his 15 year old sister. His mother's primary occupation is selling firewood, which is a seasonal and unreliable source of income. He is looking forward to attending school with NCEF's financial support.

Gender: Male
Age: 14
Grade: 9
School: Vishwamitra Ganesh Secondary School

He has one younger sister who studies in grade 4. His mother does labor work to support the family and his father lives with his second wife. According to our area coordinator, he is an average student but very interested in studies. He is from a poor dalit family and they do not have any property or source of income. When asked about his studies Rakesh says that there is no one to guide him at home so he has difficulty performing well in school. His mother cannot pay the fees which bars him from sitting on exams. Sometimes, he has to quit school and accompany her mother to work.

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