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Children in Nepalgunj

NCEF sponsored students: 12
Male: 1
Female: 11
Grades: 4-7
Area Co-ordinator: Ms. Apsara Khanal

Gender: Female
Age: NA
Grade: 10
School: Pasgupati Sikhshya Mandir
Gagangunj, Ward no. 5

Anjali lives with her widowed mother. Anjali’s brother was the only one supporting the family, but the family has no source of income anymore after he passed away about a year ago. There is no way for Anjali to pursue further education without the support of NCEF, and she and her family are very appreciative to NCEF for having support them this far.

Gender: Female
Age: 11 years
Grade: U.K.G.
School: Sagarmatha English Boarding School
Sitapur Ga. Bi. Sa

Dhanmaya’s financial condition is very poor. Her father is the sole bread earner of the family of five, but also has poor health conditions. The income that he brings in is barely enough to fulfill the family’s daily necessities. Dhanamaya, however, is a diligent student, and wants to study further, and she can do so with NCEF’s help.

Gender: Female
Age: 13 years
School: Fultekra Ma. Bi. Sa
Nepalgunj Nagarpalika, Ward no. 8

Ganga’s mother is separated from her father and has an unsteady source of income. Therefore the financial condition of the family is very poor. Ganga’s mother can’t afford to send Ganga to school despite her great interest, and for this reason, NCEF’s support is greatly needed.

Gender: Female
Age: 14 years
Grade: 5
School: Saraswati Ma. Bi

Heena belongs to a large family with four children and very poor financial condition. None of her four other siblings got the opportunity to be educated due to their economic conditions, but Heena and her family members are happy and appreciative to see Heena study with the help of NCEF, and hope this help will continue.

Gender: Female
Age: 10 years
Grade: 3
School: Shree Budha English Boarding School
Bhrikutinagar, Neplagunj

Jyoti lives with her mother who is physically disabled. Their source of income is unstable, and therefore their financial condition is very poor. Without the help of NCEF, Jyoti won’t be able to attend school, which would be a shame as she is a very dedicated and a hardworking student.

Gender: Female
Age: NA
Grade: 3
School: M. P. School
Nepalgunj, Ward no. 6

Kamala is the youngest of five sisters. With such a large family, the meager amount of income that the parents bring in is barely enough to take care of the family’s daily necessities. Therefore none of Kamala’s older sisters could get proper education. However, the family want Kamala to further her studies, and she can do so with NCEF’s help.

Gender: Female
Age: 13 years
Grade: 7
School: Mahendra Madhyamik Vidhyalaya

Melina is a part of a huge family with 9 members. Due to the large size of her family, the income earned by her father alone is not sufficient to support the family’s daily expenses. She is an enthusiastic learner and is eager to continue her education.

Gender: Female
Age: 10
Grade: 2
School: Shree Gyanodaya Vidhya Niketan
Nepalgunj, Ward no. 12

Pabitra and her younger sister are only supported by their mother, who brings in a small amount of income from her tea-shop. Their financial condition is very poor, and the mother can’t afford to send her daughters to school. Pabitra is a very diligent student and wants to study further, and she can do so with NCEF’s help.

Gender: Female
Age: 10 years
Grade: NA
School: N/A
Gagangunj, Ward No. 8, Nepalgunj

Rabisa is a very hard-working student, but because of their poor financial condition, her parents can’t afford to send her to school. She has been attending school so far with the help of NCEF, and the family is very appreciative and hope this help will continue.

Gender: Female
Age: 11 years
Grade: 6
School: Mahendra Madhyamik Vidhyalaya
Ward No.6, Nepalgunj

Sonal’s family struggles financially, and are barely able to fulfill their daily necessities with the income that Sonal’s father brings working as a laborer in India. Sonal, however, is very much interested in her studies and is a good student as well. And, with NCEF’s support, she can further her education.

Gender: Male
Age: 10 Years
Grade: 5
School: ABC Residential High School
Near Nepalgunj Medical School

Sujal is an exceptional student, and is currently doing very well. His family’s financial stance, however, is very poor and his parents struggle to provide proper meal each day. Sujal aspires to become a teacher in the future, and with the support of NCEF, he can achieve this goal and complete his education.

Gender: Female
Age: 9 Years
Grade: 3
School: Shining Star School

Trishna lives only with her mother who has an unstable job and therefore struggles financially. Trishna is a very good and hard-working student, and does exceptionally well in school. Her mother is very appreciative of NCEF for having supported for five years, and hope the help will continue to secure Trishna’s bright future.

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