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Various ways in which you can contribute if you would like to volunteer in Nepal.

Area Coordinator

We are always looking for ways to expand to new areas. Operation in new areas starts with the election of an area coordinator, who is responsible for the coordination of all the activities in that areas. We currently operate in the following areas. If you would like to volunteer as a area coordinator for a new area, please read the responsibilities of an area coordinator. If you are interested to volunteer as area coordinator of an existing area we would refer you to take the responsibility of deeply committed person.

Volunteer for Student Visits

We need volunteers that can visit students regularly, prepare monthly report, buy books/uniform for the students etc. This task involve more field work and less responsibility. These volunteers are required to coordinate with the area coordinator of their area for submission of monthly report, financial matters etc. If you would like to volunteer for student visit, we currently operate in the following areas . If your area is not listed we encourage you to take up the responsibilites of an area coordinator and start a new area.

Volunteer for CE

Campaign for Education (CE) is an NGO affiliated with us. CE is registered in Kathmandu, Nepal and with the Social Welfare Council. NCEF executes its projects in Nepal through CE. There are many common volunteers in the two organizations. Your involvement in CE will help us provide logistical and advisory support to the areas in different parts of Nepal. Some of these tasks could be: collect/ship forms, disburse money, legal paperwork, communicate/be in touch with the area coordinators.

Deeply committed person in an existing area.

If you are interested in taking resposibility of an area coordinator for an existing area we can refer you to the area coordinator of that area. The area will still have one official area coordinator but there could be an unofficial arrangement for this new person to be completely in charge of some of the students in that area.

If you would like more information about volunteering in Nepal, or have new ideas, please feel free to send an email at . We hope to hear from you!

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