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Ways you can volunteer with NCEF if you live outside of Nepal


In order to pay for the students' school fees, NCEF needs money. You can help out by participating in current fundraising activities, finding people interested in being donors, suggesting and implementing new fundraising programs, or participating in NCEF efforts to win foundation grants (either by finding relevant foundations that might provide a grant to NCEF or helping fill out grant applications). For further information on NCEF fundraising actitivies please go to

Public Relations

Increasing the visibility of NCEF is important. It helps attract new ideas, new volunteers and new donations. There are several ways in which to do this. One example is getting NCEF's website link added to relevant websites. Another way is writing articles for publication in newspapers, magazines, journals or on-line.


All organizations need to complete administrative work in order to keep running well. This is important for NCEF to most effectively use the donated money. This can include providing website content, helping with forms and reports that are necessary for non-profit organizations like NCEF and taking on projects to improve the operational performance of NCEF.


NCEF is always looking for ways to improve the ways it fulfills it goals. From how students are chosen to receive NCEF scholarships to how our website looks, we'd like to hear your suggestions.

If you would like more information about volunteering outside of Nepal, or have ideas about projects, please send an email at . We hope to hear from you!

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