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About Sunsari-Inaruwa

Sunsari is named after the Sunsari River that flows from west to south through it.  The Sunsari district consists of three municipalities and 49 village district centers. Out of 205 parliament members, 5 are elected from Sunsari district.   According to 2001 Nepalese census data, Sunsari had a total of 625,633 residents.  Out of total population 18.3% people live in cities and remaining 81.7% live in villages. Sunsari is diverse with various religions and major religions are Hindu, Muslim, Kirat, Buddhism and Christian.

NCEF is currently running its program in Inaruwa, which lies on the  east-west highway. Its development compared to other nearby areas is extremely low.  Inaruwa is very close to the Indian border and its economic condition has not been improved - the city looks the same how as it did 20 years ago. Its economic is badly impacted by the recent Koshi river flooding that displaced thousands of people who took shelter in Inaruwa.  The Tharu, Jhangad, Satar and Rajbandshi caste people living in this area are some of the poorest people and they don't make enough money to feed their family two times on a day. As is common in Nepal and in Sunsari too, the female literacy rate is much less than that for men.

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